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Huggle by Rokatsu

This. Is. Freaking.Adorable! Near is so kawaii and cuddly, and I think he he has a crush on Mello! I really like the way Near's eyes are gradient grey. Also, how there's the heart sign with lines from both Mello and Near, even though Mello's got an angry mark! The subtle highlights in the hair look good, and I see they were done in the same way as the background. Also, Near's curls look cute. Mello's mouth looks a little odd, kind of like a beak, I think that it would look a bit better if it was just a smallish frowny mouth. I also think that noses look better more pointy instead of dots, but that is just my opinion. Oh and one more nit-pickish thing: The rubix cube looks sorta rectangular. Overall this is very very kawaii. I'm a hardcore shipper of MelloxNear! I like what you put in the description, about Near liking cuddling and Mello being annoyed (but secretly liking it)and the theme of the picture. And once again, I'll say Near's eyes are pretty! Thank you for adding a little bit more of my favorite pairing to my life! :)
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Rokatsu Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL thank you for the critique! The pairing is one of my favorites aswell. I agree with what you're saying, now that I'm actually awake when I'm drawing! XD I might change or fix these up later on. Oh and for Mello's "beak" it was meant to be a pouty face. But I guess I failed. o_o" Oh well, thanks anyways! XD
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